This is The Interactive Un-Matrix. In collaboration with DIT fest (Do It Together), Fontys University of Applied Sciences develops an online, interactive version of ‘The Matrix’ where everyone can contribute one minute to the movie. Let’s redefine together! Curious?
Read on!

How does it work?

1. Choose one minute from the movie ‘The Matrix’.
2. Decide if you want to work alone or in a group.
3. After you have made your very own one minute, you can upload it to our website and we will ensure that your contribution will take part in ‘The Interactive Un-Matrix’.

Be creative!

There are no rules, everything is possible! As long as you use your own talents, skills and abilities to recreate the minute you have chosen. The minute that you have uploaded must be your own interpretation and your own created content. All videos contain audio that is created by the participants. Try to create your minute as original as possible. Go nuts, let all your creativity and fantasy flow!