Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate?

Because we want creators like you to bring this project alive. You as a creator will define this project. It's also an awesome challenge to put your creativity to the test. Your very own minute will be part in ‘The Interactive Un-Matrix’, with submissions of others around the world. So your contribution will be a part of the bigger project that is going to be shared all around the world.

Why the Matrix movie?

We believe this movie will offer a lot of possibilities to challenge your creative mind. The Matrix has a lot of variations in scenes that will allow anyone to be excited to work on their minute of the movie.

How does it work?

  1. • Choose and download one minute from the movie ‘The Matrix’ on the Contribute page.
  2. • Decide if you want to work alone or in a group.
  3. • Get started in any creative way you want.
  4. • Finished? Upload your minute to the website and we will ensure that your contribution will take part in ‘The Interactive Un-Matrix’.

Who are we?

We are Annette van Es, Dao Bui and Lak-Ho Tong, we are students from the Fontys University of Applied Science. In recent weeks we collaborated with professors and professionals to realize this project. With considerable time and effort invested in this project, we have now created an interactive platform where we invite everyone in the world to co-create a new version of the movie "The Matrix".